Eyes on Ireland

  • 21st February 2019
  • news

Coinslot: What products or services will you be highlighting at the show?

John Stergides: “We will be highlighting the popular and limited edition pinball by Stern -The Beatles Gold, alongside our latest exciting vending and redemption products like SkillCut, Drop A Winner and the GoGo Chicken.”

CS: Are there any products, or product types that you see doing particularly well in the Irish market specifically?

JS: “Pinball machines are growing in popularity so we expect the Beatles pinball to be popular, but also our new prize machine SkillCut. Players simply have to cut a thin piece of string to win a teddy bear that fills the whole machine.”

CS: How important is it that the Irish Gaming Show presents a chance to meet face to face with regional clients?

JS: “It’s very important as it provides us with an opportunity to meet with our customers we didn’t see at EAG or ICE and exchange information on current trends in Ireland, but also allows us to expand on the customer base.”

CS: With the looming Brexit deadline and talks of Irish gaming regulatory change, is the chance to meet and discuss the regional market taking on extra significance this year?

JS: “The way the talks are going, it looks like Brexit will be postponed, and as it’s unlikely that any new gaming regulations will come into force in the near future, it may pro-vide the opportunity for a meeting between the operators and Irish officials so that they can find a way to work together.”

Electrocoin will return to the Irish Gaming Show with a range of products from pinball to redemption. Managing director John Stergides caught up with Coinslot to discuss the show’s perks and his predictions on Brexit.


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