Unbeatable experiences

  • 28th February 2019
  • news

When it comes to redemption it is allabout the experience commented Electrocoin’s John Stergides. Whilst licences and payment innovations can help units succeed it is the unbeatable interactive game play that has driven the sector to a point of prominence.

Coinslot: Redemption has been one of, if not the most talked about machine types in the last few years, do you see this market importance continuing?

John Stergides: “Yes, as it’s rewarding players with a game of play plus the enjoyment of receiving tickets that can be exchanged for a prize, like loyalty cards in the supermarkets, petrol stations but more fun.

”CS: Can you single out any specific products or innovations that have helped this success?

JS: “Air hockeys, skee balls, basketball and other similar skill games which rewarded players when they played helped con-tribute to this success.”

CS: How important is the physical engagement, and excitement factor for redemption units, especially viewed in the context of smart phones,tablets, video games at home etc.

JS: “Its very important as it provides a unique experience that cannot be played at home or on a bus/car or a train. Most of the times it involves the whole family so it’s a fun day out creating lasting memories with a souvenir/prize to take home.”

CS: How have you perceived the rise of cashless payment solutions affecting the redemption market?

JS: “In every arcade they have cashiers or cash machines with plenty of coins anyway, however in some places they have card systems like the Intercard system which help to increase the playability of the machines with special bonuses or family packages etc.”

CS: Today’s youth is increasingly brand focused and tech-savvy. Is there an onus to develop machines and swag to reflect this? Be it in licensing, use of touchscreens on machines etc?

JS: “I think having a brand adds credence to a product however if the game doesn’t have the correct ingredients, it will not succeed. For example, pinball machine success is reliant on a popular brand and a great gameplay like the Beatles Pinball. On a video game, the brand is very important and for redemption, some of the most successful games are not brand focused like the skee ballor basketball except for the company name for example, Sega’s Basketball and Namco’s Pac-Man Air Hockey Game.”



Coinslot March 1st – March 7th 2019, 2618 Page 23