Irish Gaming Show crowds offer a “great reaction” to the Electrocoin showcase
  • 15th March 2024

There was “something for each operator” on Electrocoin’s Irish Show stand this year, with many of its most popular products being played continuously. With regulatory changes also afoot, sales and marketing manager John A Stergides told Coinslot “we expect to see the leisure market open up.” Electrocoin brought “something for each operator that grabbed their…

Funland hosts second annual Pinball Tournament courtesy of Electrocoin
  • 15th March 2024

More than two dozen pinball competitors made their way to Funland Arcade on 23 February, as the venue hosted its second annual pinball tournament, featuring some of the latest Stern machines and “lots of exciting games.” Funland Arcade in Brunswick Square, London, hosted its second annual pinball tournament last week, with a diverse group of…

Pinball – a flipping fantastic investment!
  • 26th February 2024

UK operators are appreciating the evergreen appeal of pinball and leading supplier Electrocoin is noticing a growing demand. “There has been a run of fantastic licences for pinball recently, with James Bond, Avengers and Foo Fighters, to name but a few,” says John A Stergides of Electrocoin. “What’s more, operators are realising that pinball makes…

Electrocoin launches Bar-X Diamond Tickets at ICE ‘24
  • 26th February 2024

ICE ’24 Review Building on one of the industry’s strongest brands, Electrocoin launched Bar-X Diamond Tickets on its busy ICE ’24 stand this week, which also showcased a refurbished version of the popular Bar-X 7, the latest Bar-X tablet system, and a range of cabinets featuring the latest compendium from Ace Gaming, Hot Slots –…

Electrocoin looking to raise the temperature at ICE 2024
  • 2nd February 2024

ICE 2024 Preview Electrocoin are on the road again next week – albeit making the short cross London journey back to ExCeL for the final ICE (2024) Expo in the UK. A more global audience for the distributor, ICE will see the gaming side of Electrocoin shine and they are determined to reap the rewards….

Electrocoin launch Poke A Monster and Jaws pinball
  • 2nd February 2024

Electrocoin launch Poke A Monster and Jaws pinball Poke A monster is a four player prize/ticket redemption machine in which players must knock down monsters that move around on a carousel. There are four monsters, each holding a different points value, and twelve rods that allow players to hold multiple prizes. If players knock down…

Electrocoin to take delivery of latest Konami DDRA20 Plus in February 2024
  • 2nd January 2024

Konami DDRA20 Plus will be on display at EAG 2024 Electrocoin has confirmed that Konami’s “latest and greatest dance game” DDRA20 Plus is set to reach Europe in 2024, with the supplier taking delivery of the title from February. Featuring a brand new user-friendly interface, 600 song catalogue, enlarged 42” screen and a selection of…