About Electrocoin

About Electrocoin

Electrocoin is a supplier of arcade games, FEC games and gaming machines founded in 1976 by John Stergides and John Collinson. It is widely known for the creation of its Bar-X™ line of Amusement With Prizes (AWPs), which can be found in major arcades and casinos throughout the world.

For over forty years of operation, Electrocoin has distributed for the biggest video games manufacturers in the world, including Universal’s Cosmic Monsters™, Cosmic Alien™, Cosmic Gorilla™, and of the most successful games, Mr Do™, Taito’s ‘Real Puncher’™, Capcom’s ‘Super Street Fighter II™’, Konami’s ‘Soccer Super Stars™’, and Tatsumi’s ‘Super Delta Force™.’ It was also Data East’s main UK distributor when adult pinball tables saw a resurgence in popularity in the early 1990s. These machines were often themed in line with contemporary TV shows and films, such as Lethal Weapon 3™, Star Wars™ and Baywatch™. In the video games sector, the growth of animated combat machines saw Electrocoin secure a contract in May 1992 to build and distribute the four-player version of Konami’s X-Men™, which performed ‘exceptionally well’ in sales.’

In a move to appeal to a younger demographic, Electrocoin also began manufacturing coin-operated children’s rides for use in shopping centres, arcades and theme parks. These were also themed accordingly, some of the best-known being ‘Postman Pat™’, ‘Rosie and Jim™’, and ‘Super Mario™.’ The ‘Postman Pat’ ride did particularly well in the Scandinavian market, with one-third of its exports sent to Norway. It also pioneered a touch- screen feature with ‘Postman’s Pat’s Paint Pot’ and ‘Photo Play.’

An App version of Bar-X for the iPad and iPhone was created to celebrate the 35th anniversary of its launch in early 2016, paving the way for a new generation of player to enjoy the 21st-century output of Electrocoin.

A permanent fixture at EAG International (formerly ATEI) since its launch, Electrocoin remains a highly regarded supplier of gaming products despite revolutionary changes in the gaming industry in recent years.