Electrocoin has been working with the largest manufacturer of Pinball machines for over 30 years – Stern Pinball,  who were previously represented under the banners of Data East and SEGA.

Stern Pinball is renowned for producing high quality pinball machines related to the music and film industry and have an established reputation in the games industry.

Pinball titles are available in three different models: Pro, Premium and Limited Edition except for Batman 66 and The Beatles Pinball. Details on the latest Pinball’s from Stern can be found in this section. Electrocoin is the exclusive provider of Pinball machines in the UK and parts of Europe

The Beatles Pinball, The Black Knight Pinball. The Munsters Pinball. Deadpool Pinball. Iron Maiden Pinball. Guardians of The Galaxy Pinball. Star Wars Pinball. Aerosmith Pinball. Batman 66 ‘Anniversary Edition’ Pinball. Ghostbusters Pinball. Spider-Man Pinball. Game of Thrones Pinball. KISS Pinball. WWE Wrestle Mania Pinball. AMC’s The Walking Dead Pinball. Metallica Pinball. ACDC Pinball.

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