One stop redemption shop

  • 28th February 2019
  • news

As one of the key proponents of innovative redemption units, Electrocoin’s range of show piece units and ticket management solutions has made it a one stop shop for the sector.

Electrocoin is continuously growing its portfolio of redemption games and prize vending machines and this was more than evident at the recent EAG show.

“These types of products are becoming increasingly important for FEC’s and single sites which is why we increasing our range of products,” said John A Stergides.

The Electrocoin product line up at the show included the exciting new carnival game Hit and Smash, which was a huge success with customers. Hit and Smash is a classic carnival game where by players throw the balls and ‘Hit and Smash’ bottles – knocking them down to earn and accumulate points. Players must gain sufficient points to progress to the next stages for the chance to win the big bonus prize which can be either be redemption tickets or a large capsule.

“It can reward players with redemption tickets or it can vend a capsule which can be attractive for single site operators who have not had this option in the past from similar games,” added Stergides.

Another product that has proven very popular since going into full production is Skill Cut. Players just need to cut the fine nylon cord to win the eye-catching big prize and if they don’t, they are rewarded with tickets.

“One of its major attractions is its simplicity and since launching the multicolour cabinet options at EAG, operators are now requesting additional machines in the same location, displaying different prizes in different coloured cabinets. It really makes for an eye-catching display,” explained Stergides.

Drop a Winner is another new game that is now in full production and is also a combination of redemption tickets and prize games. Stergides explained the attraction of the game.

“It’s very exciting for players as it’s a fast paced game. By pushing a button, players must correctly release the ball/capsule into one of the three winning rotating raised holes to win that prize. By paying out tickets in FEC’s, it will reward players even if they are unsuccessful in winning the prize.”

Also within the Electrocoin portfolio is the proven GoGo Chicken which is an egg vending and ticket machine combined with theatre to entertain young children.

Electrocoin has established itself as the one stop shop for ticket redemption management, Galileo tickets eaters and Intercard cashless system and are well placed as the market for redemption games and prize vending machines to continues to grow.


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