Drop a Winner by Electrocoin – Skill & Prize Vending Games & Redemption

Drop A Winner, where the player must skilfully drop a ball into a winning hole to win the prize

An exciting skill prize vending game whereby players must simply press a button at the right moment to drop a ball/capsule onto a rotating platform with three raised win holes.

If they are unsuccessful, the prize falls into a losing hole and is recycled back into the machine.
A prize is won by successfully dropping the capsule into one of the three winning holes.

Presented with LEDS, bright colours, lots of fun for all the family in any family entertainment centre or single site.

The machine will be available with Prize vending and redemption features


Drop a Winner by Electrocoin

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Drop a Winner Drop a Winner

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Weight 145 kg

H: 202cm
W: 77cm
D: 100cm