Skill Cut

Skill Cut by Electrocoin

Skill Cut, where the player must cut the string to win the big prize.


An exciting new skill prize vend machine whereby players only need to cut a small thin piece of string to win the big prize which can fill the whole machine!

The prize is hung on a string inside the machine and players must press and hold a button, guiding the ‘cutter’s and only letting go once the string is between the metal cutters. If they successfully cut the string, they win the big prize!


Optional Redemption feature available.

Available in three different colours.


Skill Cut by Electrocoin

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Skill Cut by Electrocoin Skill Cut by Electrocoin

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Additional information

Weight 145 kg
Dimensions 81 x 70 x 208 cm

H: 142cm
W: 80cm
D: 158cm

Wgt: 95kg