Skill Cut Winner by Electrocoin – Skill & Prize Vending Games & Redemption

Skill Cut Winner, where the player must cut the string to win the big prize.

An exciting skill prize vend machine whereby players only need to cut a small thin piece of string to win the big prize which can fill the whole machine!

The prize is hung on a string inside the machine and players must press and hold a button, guiding the ‘cutter’s and only letting go once the string is between the metal cutters. If they successfully cut the string, they win the big prize!

Optional Redemption feature available.

*Subject to Stock – Available in 12 different colours: Blue, Light Blue, Light Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Teal/Mint Green, Black, White, Orange, Yellow and Violet


Skill Cut Winner Information Sheet

Skill Cut by Electrocoin Skill Cut by Electrocoin

Skill Cut Winner is a must have for family entertainment centres, bowling centres, single sites, theme parks and fun fairs throughout the world

Key Features that make SCW a proven and successful ‘cutting’ Prize Vend amusement machine:

Holds Large Plush – up to 56″ depending on product

Eye catching with multi – colour LED around the machine

Metal Cabinet

Extra Security

Exciting Sounds during attract mode, play mode and when the prize is won

Automatic or Manual Door opening

Available with Ticket Redemption Facility

Available in Eight colours: Blue, Light Blue, Light Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Teal and Yellow

It also serves as a strong marketing tool for operators to share Skill Cut Winner on social media pages to announce new winners of the large plush. #SkillCutWinner #Skillcut

Click here to read the article on ‘SCW going to the Fun Fairs’ as featured in National and International Press like Coinslot, IntergameMondo Automatico, Showmen Times and many more

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Additional information

Weight 145 kg

H: 208 cm
W: 82 cm
D: 91 cm