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Mr Do Air Balls by Electrocoin – Skill, Prize Vend & Ticket Redemption

Mr. Do Air Balls has all the sounds, colours and fun characteristics to garner huge appeal on the floor of a family entertainment centre

Presented in an eye-catching colourful cabinet with captivating sounds, Mr. Do Air Balls allows up to two players to take aim with ‘air blowers’ to guide as many of the balls into the holes as possible.

The more they score, the more points they win.

The game unfolds in three stages, with the playfield elevating each time to reduce the number of available holes from three, to two and then finally one.

If players reach the super target, they win the super bonus.


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Mr Do. Air Balls by Electrocoin

Mr Do. Air Balls information sheet is available for downloading/printing by clicking on one of the below

Information Sheet

Skill Shooter Skill Shooter

It is the type of game that every member of the family will love, from kids to grandparents.

Children will be kept very animated with the gameplay, sounds, colours and fun characteristics which are simple yet entertaining.

There are some customisation options for Mr. Do! Air Balls, with operators able to select their preferred sounds to suit their location.

It comes with comfortable soft bench seating, making it more accessible for adults, and in two versions; reward ticket redemption or collectible cards

It is ideal for any Family Entertainment Centres, Bowling Centres, Children Play Centre and Single Sites.

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Additional information

Weight 366 kg

Height: 161cm (239cm w/ Marquee)
Width: 100cm (122cm w/ Marquee)
Depth: 162cm (227cm w/ seat)