GOGO CHICKEN by Electrocoin – Prize Vending Games & Redemption

Electrocoin’s new versatile fun game – GoGo Chicken, is a capsule vending machine that can also thrive in a redemption market with its ticket dispensing unit.

By inserting a coin, the theatre and the attraction begins, with unique sounds and the clucking hen movements. Then with the final melody and sound, the hen lifts up to lay the Capsule which drops into the tray or it pays out the tickets depending on the settings.

GoGo Chicken offers operators the chance to set a mix of payout combinations of prize vend, ticket redemption or a combination of both with bonus payouts, which gives it a unique standing in the prize vend and redemption market

GoGo Chicken also has a unique design that allows it to dispense a range of capsules with dimensions from 45mm, which is ideal for operators who would rather have an increased capacity, up to maximum of 100mm for the bigger prizes.
With an eye catching colourful metal cabinet, attractive top header with LED Lighting and with extra visibility from three sides in brightly coloured frames, GoGo Chicken will also provide durability for many years.

GoGo Chicken is a big hit as players are entertained with the theatre mode, sounds and clucking noises, and is a must for anywhere there are families including FEC’s, bowling centres, shopping centres, theme parks and pubs.

GOGO CHICKEN Prize Games & Vending Redemption

GOGO CHICKEN Prize Games & Vending Redemption

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GOGO CHICKEN Prize Games & Vending Redemption gogo chicken

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W: 63cm
D: 66cm

Wgt: 108kg