Innovation and reliability go hand in hand for Electrocoin

  • 14th February 2019
  • news

Offering a combination of “familiarity and a higher jackpot” Electrocoin’s brand new B4 product proved the star of the stand at ICE 2019, alongside sure-fire hits for the UK gaming market.yx

Innovation was a topic forefront in the minds of attendees at this year’s ICE, something which manufacturer and supplier Electrocoin kept at the heart of its offering.

With the firm set to celebrate 43 years in business this year, Electrocoin’s latest product range also boasts a high quality pedigree, most notably in the latest incarnation of its popular Bar-X title.

“Here on the stand, what’s brand new, not seen before, is the new B4, a four game cabinet for the club market, with a £2 stake and £400 jack-pot,” said business development director Kevin Weir.

“That’s following demand from customers, so it’s a development from our Cat C scaled up to a B4. The familiarity of the games will appeal to customers, using the Bar-X symbols that are known and loved, and games they may have played at Cat C but now have the ability to gamble up to the £400.”

“The operators who asked us to produce it have certainly given it the thumbs up from what we’ve seen so far.

”The demand for the B4release follows an ongoing drive by Electrocoin to provide innovative products underpinned by the firm’s extensive manufacturing experience.

“Customers are looking for something different, but they’re looking for something proven. That’s what we have been building on with our digital product.”

“People know we’ve been around for a long time, it’s building on that reputation.

”Alongside the B4 cabinet, Electrocoin also showcased a range of products sure to make waves in the UK market, including titles still in development, and machines aimed at the ever-growing trend for redemption.

“We’re majoring on gaming here at ICE, so we’ve got the brand new Cat C product Casino HiRoller, aimed at the arcade and bingo sectors, it’s still progressing and that will be launching shortly.”

“We also have the Skill Cut and Drop a Winner which proved to be the most popular machines on our stand at EAG. We’ve brought them here as it’s a wider audience across various countries who didn’t get to EAG, and they’re doing very well.”