Industry rocks down to Electrocoin’s Park Avenue

  • 28th June 2019
  • news

Sharing great food, refreshing drinks, and front-line information on the effects of the FOBT stake change, the amusement industry descended on Park Avenue last week to trade both innovative equipment and insightful ideas. John Anthony Stergides tells all.

Hungry for the company’s legendary Greek BBQ and it’s innovative range of gaming and amusement machines, the coin-op industry ensured Electrocoin and UDC’s Park Avenue Open Day was once again well attended on 5 June 2019.

The unofficial closing ceremony of industry get-togethers before the summer season really kicks off, the Open Day represents the last opportunity for operators, suppliers and manufacturers to share market insights, with the foremost also having the chance to grab the final piece to their FEC puzzle before another busy period begins.

“It’s always fantastic as it’s an opportunity to catch up with everyone to speak about the latest and ongoing trends – it’s the last industry event to have everyone under one roof before the summer. As every other year it was well attended and included guests from overseas from countries like the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, France, Greece, USA,” explained Electrocoin’s John Anthony Stergides.

“There were plenty of familiar faces but also some new ones that have recently entered the industry which is good to see. It was very well attended like previous years.”

Of course, the Greek BBQ was as popular as ever, if not more so, with Stergides remarking that “more food was consumed this year than previous years” – a sign of a growing event, or perhaps just growing attendees? In either case, the free bar and Champagne on arrival were at hand to compliment the great grub, and for those wanting desert, the usual ice cream van was a welcome sight. However, while the BBQ is no doubt a serious business for attendees, it’s the industry’s most innovative gaming and amusement machines that operators really crave – and Electrocoin cooked up another strong selection for visitors.

“We had on display our full range of products, from our AWP’s like the Cat C Digital Monte Carlo and Casino Hi Roller with new games, Bar – X 7even, Bar X Tablets, latest Pinballs; Black Knight, Batman – Catwoman signature edition, Munsters Premium Colour and the popular Beatles Gold.” Stergides continued.

“Also on display were our popular prize vending with redemption pieces including Drop A Winner, GoGo Chicken, Hit and Smash and Skill Cut. Additionally, our Intercard Cashless system, DDRA dance machine and our Galileo Ticket Eater redemption products received a lot of attention from attendees.”

Also of interest was the effect that a reduction to the maximum stake of FOBTs had made on high street competition. “Operators have started to see old faces returning to their sites and have a more positive outlook for the coming months and hopefully this will be reflected with the cashbox earnings.” Stergides reported, adding that the mood of the industry seems positive and that FEC operators are excited to see what the season will bring “as long as the weather holds up”.

Importantly – as much as it satisfies a demand for good food and exciting products – Park Avenue Open Day also embodies the industry’s determination to give back. “The event raises a lot of money for the Bacta Charitable Trust with the donations from participating companies and those attending the PAOD which will go towards helping a lot of good causes,” concluded Stergides.

Coinslot – June 14th – June 20th – Issue 2633 – Page 12-13