An Unmissable Event – Coinslot interview John Stergides

  • 10th October 2019
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Coinslot interview Electrocoin John Stergides in the build up to Autumn Coin Show 2019

An array of product developments coupled with a changing market landscape make this year’s ACOS a truly unmissable event, remarks Electrocoin’s John  Stergides.

Coinslot: How would you assess your performance since ACOS 2018 and what message will you be driving forward with customers?
John A Stergides: “We have had a positive year since ACOS 2018 and our message to our customers is not to miss this year’s edition. We need to support each other at this time of the year and we know that in the past that due to non-support, we missed out on having the preview show and we have to say thank you to Karen Cooke and her team who have given us the opportunity to have this show again.”

CS: How do you see the market evolving over the next 12 months?
JS: “Our industry evolves all the time and change is and will always happen. It will continue to go on and there will be new opportunities and newcomers to the industry with new investments and new ideas.”

CS: What are the key trends and how are you proposing to address them?
JS: “Family entertainment is a key trend and this is shown with our current and new product line. We can see new opportunities within gaming due to the change in stake with FOBT’s and the change in ownership with other manufacturers.”

CS: How do you see Brexit proceeding?
JS: “We don’t believe it will happen and all of the current political talk is just a way to eventually find a compromise.”

CS: What do you feel the industry should be seeking from the powers that be?
JS: “They already know the issues which are well overdue and should have taken place five years ago – some are as follows;
Level playing field with online gaming,  a category B5 machine, bring up to date the prizes and stake to reflect the market, adapting and being part of the cashless society, and to stop the bureaucracy.

CS: What are you looking to get out of ACOS, in terms of both product and market information?
JS: “Firstly, we are going there to preview a few new games so that they are ready for next year. Also, to get opinions on them if it helps improving them and along with information on their customers and players in their arcades to see where the trend is going.
“Most importantly is to learn from the operators the effect on their location since the change in FOBT stake and to also have a catch up with everyone in the industry.”

CS: What products will you be showcasing?
JS: “We will be showcasing the following machines;
Monte Carlo and Casino HI Roller Cat C, Spin 500, Bar X 7 even Refurb, Dance Dance Revolution A, Drop A Winner, Drop a Winner Deluxe, GoGo Chicken, Galileo Ticket Eaters and Redemption System, Intercard Cashless System, Hit and Smash, Hungry Mice, Panther Revolution Photo Booth, Sterns’ The Beatles Pinball, Sterns’ Black Knight Pinball, and Skill Cut Winner.
“We will also have four new products at the show; Ball Paradise, four-player Ball Paradise, Drop a Winner Deluxe and Jurassic Park Pinball.”

CS: On a wider scale, how do you think the summer went for the industry?
JS: “We think this summer has had mixed results. It wasn’t expected to be as good as the previous summer, which was exceptional, but to be at least better than a few years ago. We expect it will get better year on year.”

Coinslot interview with John Stergides can be found in the following issue:

Coinslot – September 27th – October 3rd 2019 – Issue 2648 – Page 45