ACOS 2019 – Electrocoin showcasing cross-sector support with latest product innovations

  • 10th October 2019
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Electrocoin will use ACOS 2019 as a launch pad for its latest product innovations throughout the FEC, single site and AGC sectors.

At ACOS 2019, CAT C will feature strongly for Electrocoin, with both arcade and single site sectors seeing products on offer.

Monte Carlo and Casino HI Roller will be on display in the exciting Elektra Cabinet along with the alternative cabinet, Gemstar. There is now an 20 game menu, which includes a variety of games targeted at both single site and arcades, with both Hi tec and lo tec games proving to be popular across both sectors.

In addition, Electrocoin will show the classic reel-based Bar-X 7even Refurbished model with its £25 Jackpot, the Bar X Cat D Infill and Spin 500 B3 product.

Redemption and prize payout machines will also be represented heavily at this year’s show with a number of exciting preview launches.

Firstly, the hugely successful Skill Cut Winner will be on display with its new sounds along with the popular Drop A Winner.

“These machines have been very popular this year with operators and players and to offer more choice for operators, the Skill Cut Winner is now available in seven colours,” commented
John Stergides.

ACOS will also be the preview launch of two new skill game vending machines: Ball Paradise, whereby the player must skilfully shoot a ball into the hole to win the prize along with four player version which will be able to hold up to 700 capsules.

Stern Pinball will as usual have a significant presence at ACOS, with the blockbuster license of Beatles Gold being on display along with the new Jurassic Park making its debut in the UK.

Stergides added: “The Beatles and Jurassic Park are exciting titles with completely different playfields and appeal – Beatles is based on a retro 60’s pinball and Jurassic Park will have all the latest features expected on a pinball.”

Konami’s latest dance video game DDRA will be on show along with Digital Centre’s Panther Revolution Photobooth Electrocoin will also be bringing its full suite of payment and ticketing solutions to ACOS.

For the former the company will have the Intercard cashless system on hand, whilst its Galileo Ticket Eaters and Elmac WINMT SQL (featuring its latest software iteration) solutions
will affirm its place as the one stop shop for ticketing.

Electrocoin showcasing cross-sector support with latest product innovations article can be found in:

Coinslot – September 27th – October 3rd 2019 – Issue 2648 – Page 51