ACOS 2019 – Electrocoin offer something for everyone with far-reaching range

  • 10th October 2019
  • news

Electrocoin confirmed that variety is the spice of life at ACOS 2019, offering both innovation and quality to every sector of the amusement market.

We spoke to sales and marketing manager John Stergides about what has been proving popular, and what soon will.

Electrocoin offered something for everyone on its stand at ACOS 2019 this year, showcasing the full range of its redemption and casino offerings for all aspects of FECs and AGCs.

With a stand stretching almost the length of the show itself, the manufacturer and distributor displayed a raft of titles, from firm favourites such as Dance Dance Revolution to brand new release Ball Paradise.

“We try to have a bit of everything for everyone, all parts of an FEC or AGC,” said sales and marketing manager John Stergides. “We try to be very focused, we don’t want to have too much, we just want to make sure we have very good products for that specific area.”

First up was the new deluxe version of Drop a Winner, featuring a metal cabinet and mercy prize option for single site operators, alongside three colourways of Skill Cut, which Stergides noted was “one of our most popular products this year.”

Receiving a debut at this year’s show was Ball Paradise, in both one-player and four-player versions, with the four-player ball-shooting game offering both eyecatching height, and an inbuilt prize capsule storage solution.

The cashless Intercard system and new splitscreen Galileo stock control solution also proved popular with visitors.

For AGCs, Electrocoin exhibited Cat C titles Monte Carlo and Casino High Roller, displayed in the Elektra and Gemstar Casino Cabinets, and Spin 500’s Golden Shot Roulette, as well as the firm’s refurbishment service, showcased with a twenty-year old Bar-X 7even Cat C legacy version.

With three Stern Pinballs – including new Jurassic Park, Black Knight: Sword of Rage, and Beatles Gold – alongside LED-screened Panther Revolution Photo Booth, Hungry Mice bowling game and Dance Dance Revolution, Electrocoin proved that when it comes to entertainment, there can never be too much of a good thing.

“The response has been very positive, especially with some of our new products,” said Stergides. “Even our previous lines like Skill Cut and Drop a Winner, they’ve got very popular this year – those that don’t have them are now looking for them, those that do are looking  to add to their locations.


Coinslot – October 11th – October 17th 2019 – Issue 2650 – Page 20