Seaside smash hits

  • 17th April 2019
  • news

Earlier this year Electrocoin launched a number of new and exciting products all of which are proving to be very popular with operators and players throughout the country particularly on the coast.

Skill Cut went into full production earlier this year and since launching the multicolour cabinet options at EAG, operators are now requesting additional machines in the same location, displaying different prizes in different coloured cabinets. It really makes for an eye-catching display,’ explained John Anthony Stergides.

Another product proving to be a smash hit is Electrocoin’s new aptly-titled carnival game Hit and Smash. Hit and Smash is a classic carnival game whereby players throw the balls and ‘Hit and Smash’ bottles, knocking them down to earn and accumulate points “

It’s fun for all the family and provides a unique experience that cannot be replicated at home, on smart phones or online,” added Stergides. Operators can also link two machines together so players can compete against each other giving it an extra competitive edge with the winner receiving all the tickets.

Also launched earlier this year was Drop A Winner, a unit where – with the push of a central button – players must correctly release the ball/capsule into one of the three winning rotating raised holes to win that prize.

“Some operators have been quite creative by filling their own capsules with prizes related to services offered in their venue including free bowling tickets, food vouchers, ride ticket etc. It’s created an added incentive and excitement to win the capsule,” explained Stergides.

It also appears that the popularity of Elmac’s range of Ticket payout and management systems continues to grow due to the proven reliability and performance of the system.

Stergides added: “Our ticket eaters have an excellent reputation and over the years the product has evolved far more than the competition. The vast majority of customers have upgraded their eaters to the latest Galileo Pro version with enhanced sounds, making the interactive experience fun for the players and can be found at most seaside locations.”

Other products from the Electrocoin portfolio that have proven to be popular at the seaside are the GoGo Chicken which is an egg vending and ticket machine combined with theatre to entertain young children and Konami’s latest dance machine DDRA.



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