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Treasure Alliance – Four Player by Electrocoin – Skill, Prize Vending & Redemption

Electrocoin’s Treasure Alliance is an exciting eye-catching centre piece.

Treasure Alliance is for one to four players.

There are five different coloured monsters with energy bars that stand guard over the prizes clipped in.

Players need to successfully knock the monsters down to win the prize.

It displays up to 50 different prizes, and up to six Super Bonus Prizes.

Available with optional ticket redemption


Treasure Alliance by Electrocoin

Treasure Alliance information sheet is available for downloading/printing by clicking on one of the below

Information Sheet

Drop a Winner Drop a Winner

Once the coin goes in, with the turntable spinning slowly, players must select their desired prize clipped under one of the monster’s security/bodyguard, press the button and hit the blue energy bar to knock down the monster to release and win the prize which falls into the win tray.

The cabinet also includes an individual feature on each play area; every time a player knocks down a monster, a corresponding image on the feature panel will light up.

If all five monsters are knocked down and lit up on the feature trail, players win a Bonus Super Prize.

It is a test of skill and accuracy to enrapture players.

Wirth its simple to play and fast game play, Treasure Alliance is perfect for family venues and a must for all coin-op operators.

The machine has its allure on the floor, reaching all parties.

It appeals to players of all ages, with attractive sounds to keep players entertained and an eye-catching centrepiece cabinet to wow the room.

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Additional information

Weight 380 kg

H: 224cm
W: 164cm
D: 164cm

Weight: 380 Kg