Space Shooter by Electrocoin – Skill & Prize Vending Games & Redemption

Space Shooter is the single player version of the Ball Paradise.

It  is an exciting skill prize vending game whereby players must simply press the button at the correct moment to hit a ball/capsule off the moving carousel into the hole.

A prize is won by successfully shooting the capsule into the winning hole.

It is presented in a metal cabinet and is also available in three different colours: Blue, Green and Pink.

Available with ticket redemption.


Space Shooter by Electrocoin

Space Shooter information sheet is available for downloading/printing by clicking on one of the below

Information Sheet

Drop a Winner Drop a Winner

A prize is won by successfully hitting the capsule/ball into the hole.

When a player is successful, the winning prize is collected from the lower tray. Subsequently, a capsule/ball swooshes down from the top holding box onto the play-field replacing the previous capsule/ball.

If they are unsuccessful, the prize falls into a losing hole and is recycled back into the machine.

The moving carousel can display up to 13 large capsules, so players can wait until their preferred prize is in line with the hole to try and win.

It is a prize vending game and also has the optional redemption ticket feature.

It is available with an optional mercy ticket feature to reward players for every losing game.

Optional prize every game feature – players can win a large capsule/ball with every game

The recommended size for the large capsules is 100mm.

The top hold area can comfortably fit approximately 60 large capsules with a 100mm dimension

Presented with LEDS, bright colours, Space Shooter is lots of fun for all the family and is ideal for any family entertainment centre and/or single sites.

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Additional information

Weight 110 kg

H: 199cm
W: 72cm
D: 86cm