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Rocket Launch by Electrocoin – Skill, Prize Vending & Redemption

Electrocoin’s Rocket Launch is a stellar choice for arcade owners and locations, with the eye-catching cabinet a must for all coin-op operators.

Featuring an “attractive and vibrant three-sided glass cabinet,” the simple-to-play title requires players to time the launch of a rocket to the millisecond, in order to try and claim prizes from a rotating turntable.

Players must insert a coin, which will begin the rotation of the turntable. On the turntable there are 56 individual clips where prizes can be hung from.

Prizes are ‘clipped’ in on each clip and players have to skilfully and accurately press the button that will launch the rocket.

The rocket will launch downwards, and if the rocket is perfectly aligned with the clip as it reaches the clip, it will unclip the hanging prize which will drop into the collection basket.

Rocket Launch allows operators to configure up to nine different prize banks.

With the striking multi-colour LED Lighting, shelf area to display prizes, it provides a visual spectacle for any location. With so many options to display different prizes, it can appeal to the whole family.

Rocket Launch is also available with optional Ticket Redemption facility.


Rocket Launch by Electrocoin

Rocket Launch information sheet is available for downloading/printing by clicking on one of the below

Information Sheet

Drop a Winner Drop a Winner

It has enjoyed strong engagement with players and operators alike, with the product’s striking silhouette complimented by its engaging gameplay, which delivers “a test of skill and accuracy to encapture players.”

The game is fun for all the families to test their skills and accuracy and provides something different for operators and players within the Skill and Prize Vend area.

It appeals to players of all ages, with attractive sounds to keep players entertained and an eye-catching cabinet to wow the room.

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Weight 110 kg

H: 210cm
W: 76cm
D: 85cm

Weight: 110 Kgs