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Magic 7 Key by Electrocoin – Skill, Prize Vending & Redemption

finds key to success with Magic 7 Key.

Electrocoin’s Magic 7 Key is unlocking a whole new audience with its “winning twist” on the classic crane concept, which offers players the chance of securing “valuable super prizes.”

Programmable as prize every time or available in standard crane mode “with added game fun,” players are tasked with finding the keys to a selection of prize lockers.

Players need to move the claw over the desired capsule, press the button and grab the capsule in the hope it will hold and drop into the prize bin.

Lucky players will find a special key that will unlock one of the prize doors for a super prize.

Once opened, the player can remove the prize but the special Magic 7 Key remains locked into the door until an operator can unlock, reload the prize and reload the key into another lucky capsule.

As well as the engaging gameplay, Magic 7 Key also features a “unique eye-catching all metal cabinet design with attractive exterior LED lighting design to attract players,” as well as “attractive sounds and quick gameplay that appeal to players of all ages.”

Despite its small footprint, the simple-to-play cabinet can hold upwards of 500 standard egg capsules, and is available in three different multi-coloured designs (Blue, Red Yellow), with special security locks and Magic 7 keys for the five prize boxes.

Magic 7 Key is also available with optional Ticket Redemption facility.


Magic 7 Key by Electrocoin

Magic 7 Key information sheet is available for downloading/printing by clicking on one of the below

Information Sheet

Drop a Winner Drop a Winner

Win a capsule with a key inside to open one of the Prize doors and win a special super prize.

Available with five prize display doors with LED Surrounding lighting; two large prize boxes, and three medium sized, to offer valuable super prizes.

The game is fun for all the families to test their skills and accuracy and provides something different for operators and players within the Skill and Prize Vend area.

It appeals to players of all ages, with attractive sounds to keep players entertained and an eye-catching cabinet to wow the room.

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Weight 100 kg

H: 193cm
W: 59cm
D: 82cm

Weight: 100 Kgs