ICE 2020 Launch Pad

  • 13th March 2020
  • News

ICE 2020 will be a launch pad for an exciting new pusher from Electrocoin which has been in development for more than 18 months. It will have a multi-level play field with an additional bonus area – all displayed in a bright colour basketball- themed cabinet.

“Hoops Mania, with a basketball theme, will have features which we introduced to the market four years ago with a different manufacturer but will also have new features that will give players enjoyment and reward their play even further,” said Electrocoin’s John A Stergides.

“It will be a closed loop pusher with Fast Action and sounds to keep families entertained.”

The product will be available either as a gift card dispenser or a capsule dispenser, allowing operators to choose the right configuration for their particular premises.

The Electrocoin stand will also feature both Monte Carlo and Casino Hi Roller, showcased in the Elektra and Gemstar Casino cabinets respectively. These will be presented alongside the current menu which features old favourites from both the analogue and digital back catalogues.

Spin Gaming’s B3/B4 digital VIP Casino (housed in the Goliath cabinet) will also be at ICE. the product’s latest compendium now features six titles and will be on display alongside its Cat C version.

Spin Gaming’s Golden Roulette B4 and Cat C packages, along with Electrocoin’s Monte Carlo, are also available as kits for the Genie cabinet, which will be at ICE.

John Stergides explained the thinking behind this move: “We are aware that there are a great number of Genie machines in the market place and decided to give operators the opportunity to provide new digital content. This provides the operator with the latest digital content, at an affordable price for more marginal sites.

Electrocoin’s stand will also feature the refurbished classic Bar-X 7even Legacy C model which, along with the Bar-x 7even infill, are proving to be popular with operators.

Making its ICE 2020 debut will be Electrocoins Space Shooter, which was shown at EAG in a single and four player format. Players must correctly time to shoot one of the 12 balls of the rotating carousel into the hole to win the prize.

Electrocoin will also be displaying a selection of games which will include top performing products like the Skill Cut Winner and The Beatles pinball

Coinslot – January 31st – February 6th 2020 – Issue 2666 – Page 15