Keeping an open mind

  • 13th March 2020
  • news

Electrocoin will be continuing its status as an ICE ever-present this year, with the company keen to keep an open mind when assessing the latest in technological innovations and international market developments, comments John Stergides.

Coinslot: ICE is the largest industry show in the world with a real focus on innovation. Its theme this year is ‘A Step Into The Future’. From your company’s perspective, how are you planning on stepping into the future in terms of your own product, technology and business development?

John Stergides: “We are going to the show with an open mind and are trying to adapt our products to different demands for local and overseas markets. Also, we are trying to find new technology that fits with our plans.”

CS: On a wider level, such as market growth and technological innovation, where are you expecting to see the big steps taken at ICE?

JS: “With the new technological innovation and our knowledge of the different markets we try to find the niche products that can fit within these innovations and are suitable for our markets. We expect bigger steps being taken in electronic entertainment.”

CS: It’s a busy start to 2020 with two key expos on the agenda within weeks of the festive break. What does ICE deliver for you as an exhibitor that doesn’t necessarily come through the more UK-centric shows?

JS: “ICE delivers to us a different sector of the market that the shows in the UK don’t cover. It increases our contacts and provides alternative networking opportunities. Also it gives us the time to converse with our local customers and suppliers who didn’t have the time to visit EAG. That’s why our booth is by the main entrance, first door on the left , N1-400.”

 CS: ICE covers all bases from product through to global regulation, and over recent years we are seeing larger numbers of UK gaming companies going into the London show. Is this a trend for the future and what is driving this transition?

JS: “ICE was started by us (UK) and Electrocoin was the first exhibitor in the crystal room of Olympia. Over the years it’s been taken over by international companies with their local UK branches who are basically local companies that were taken over by international companies. On the low stakes machines, there are only local independent companies which have the knowledge on the UK market and we hope it will expand in the future.”

CS: 2020 marks a new Britain trading on the international stage; ICE delivers 40,000+ visitors from around 160 countries. Is international the new big thing for companies like yourself?

JS: “We have always been present at the show and have dealt with international customers, and we keep the tradition of being present at ICE with gaming and non-gaming equipment to show a full range of Electrocoin products in the electronic entertainment market. For example like the Bar-x which is still in production since the early 1980’s and is the backbone of many arcades in the UK.”


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