Electrocoin creates buzz with extensive product showcase

  • 28th January 2020
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Electrocoin creates buzz with extensive product showcase.

Decrying the old adage, Electrocoin proved it was possible to provide both quantity and quality at EAG 2020, with John A. Stergides guiding Coinslot through its vast product array.

With a stand boasting redemption titles both classic and new, new style prize machines, gaming cabinets, pinball machines and venue management systems, Electrocoin arrived at EAG with a host of options for customers and visitors alike.

As one of the most recognised and oldest names in the amusement industry, the firm demonstrated its wide appeal with an expansive product range, something which John A. Stergides notes is key to driving sales.

“It’s been a very positive response from visitors to the stand this year, we’ve got some products like the Skill Cut Winner, Drop a Winner, which have our special software, that have been proven to do very well on location over the last year.”

“We’ve also evolved some of them like the four player Ball Paradise, which has been gaining a lot of attention, and machines like the Tiki Tumble, which was specially flown over for the show, they are innovative and a new concept of amusement machine which have been very eye-catching.”

Tiki Tumble sees players spin a central tumble using a T-shaped controller, with the drum rotating various coloured balls around central tiki cups. The points awarded then depend on which colour balls fall into the cups when the rotation stops.

“Tiki Tumble is a brand new piece from America, it’s a real centrepiece. If you get four purples and pink you win the super jackpot, which is an accumulator. It’s real fast-paced action. It’s challenging and gives the players the feeling to play repeatedly as they seek the super jackpot.

We’re working with Five Star Redemption in America, so it’s something new we’ve introduced.”

That focus on providing new and innovative games is key to Electrocoin’s success, with EAG proving the perfect showcase for new-to market products, as operators seek out the latest products that can give their venue the edge.

“Arcades are looking for new products, because they need to invest, to maintain their current players but also attract new ones and they’re looking to see what they can get for the best value.

Redemption is mainly for families to have some challenging fun with a prize gift to take home to remind them of their experience.

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