Machines inventor and games creator Neil Coates dies
  • 30th May 2018

“Neil was famous for developing enjoyable low stake and low prize games. He always said that the players must have fun and a smile when they play our games, and he was right.” That’s how John Stergides remembers his close friend Neil Coates, who died on Saturday, aged 72. Over forty years in the industry,…

Intercard takes Mumbles Pier marketing to the next level
  • 23rd May 2018

Almost a year after implementing Intercard on Mumbles Pier, operator Bertie Bollum explains how the cashless system has empowered promotions in the attraction’s arcade – all while still accepting coins. Mumbles Pier has upped its marketing power through the use of Intercard, a cashless stored value card system that has enabled operator Bertie Bollom to…

The revolution continues
  • 23rd May 2018

This year has seen a new Dance Dance Revolution hit our shores for the first time in more than seven years to great on-site approvals and is exclusively available in Europe through Electrocoin. One of the biggest titles of 2018 is the new Konami title ‘Dance Dance Revolution A’ – the specially-developed Western version of…

Seaside’s on the rise
  • 23rd May 2018

Historic hotspots of summer revelry, Britain’s coastal leisure destinations have seen an upturn in recent years as local authorities and private investors alike are increasingly realising their importance. And for industry veteran John Stergides, this is the making of a new seaside offering. While coastal operations have historically represented “the backbone of the industry”, Stergides…

Banging the drum of the Great British seaside
  • 21st May 2018

Building on relationships across the tourism industry over the past 12 months, Bacta president Gabi Stergides believes the seaside sector is doing a great job at repositioning Britain’s coastal offer – and making their FECs the main event. Bacta president Gabi Stergides believes the term seaside ‘arcade’ isn’t fit to describe Britain’s coastal operators anymore….

Bacta win argument as £2 FOBT stake confirmed
  • 21st May 2018

Bacta President Gabi Stergides has welcomed the UK government’s decision to cut the maximum stake of fixed odds betting terminals to £2, which was announced at 7 am this morning (17 May). In a statement issued to media, he said: “We warmly welcome this announcement. A stake reduction to £2 has long been needed to…

Gabi Stergides chooses his Playdium playlist
  • 14th May 2018

In recent weeks we’ve seen a diverse set of musical picks from the 60s, 70s and 80s including Peter Hannibal’s rock tinged selections, now Gabi Stergides, Bacta’s youngest ever National President, brings us full tilt into the 90s and noughties with big beats, rebellious anthems and globe-trotting robot DJs! Gabi Stergides grew up in the…

A unique concept
  • 23rd April 2018

With an already sizeable presence in the Cat C market, Electrocoin is continuing to update its field-proven games offering with a string of updates and new releases. Electrocoin has been producing Cat C digital products for more than twelve years now, initially using the Bar X brand and a digital version of a number of…

He who dares wins
  • 23rd April 2018

The move to digital Cat C operations from Electrocoin was a bold one when announced, but now ba number of years down the line, Coinslot spoke to business development director Kevin Weir about how company’s market flexibility is paying dividends. Doubling down on digital and ensuring its offering can react to market attitudes towards branding…

Electrocoin ship Dance Dance Revolution A after seven-year wait
  • 4th April 2018

After receiving delivery of Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution A last week, Electrocoin has begun sending out the unit to FECs across the country. The company first had the original Dance Dance Revolution in its warehouse nearly 20 years ago – a game that still proves effective in arcades today. John Anthony Stergides explained that while there has…