Park Avenue 2022 EAG Preview

  • 23rd December 2021
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Park Avenue 2022 EAG Preview to be hosted by both Electrocoin and UDC in 181 Park Avenue, London, NW10 7XH

Our special ‘Park Avenue 2022 EAG Preview’ will be open on 11th – 13th January (the original EAG dates) from 10am – 5pm daily to bring you a special preview of our latest games.

With the EAG show being postponed until March 2022, UDC and Electrocoin have announced their plan to open their doors to trade visitors on the dates of the original show, the 11th– 13th January 2022, on the second week back in the new year.

The event is being billed as the ‘Park Avenue 2022 EAG Preview’ and will allow visitors to see the new games and products that both companies planned to exhibit at Excel London in January.

Mark Horwood, UDC Managing Director “We’ve had numerous customers reach out to us after hearing news that EAG is delayed this year. They were keen to find out all about our new games and place orders early to ensure delivery for half-term and Easter.

With so many businesses relying upon the early timing of the January show we quickly realised that there is a demand for us to put on a showcase in house and announce it before people have had a chance to cancel their plans to visit London”.

Park Avenue in North West London is right next to the A406 North Circular Road has been home to many famous names in the industry over the years. The United Distributing Company and Electrocoin continue to fly the flag for the industry in NW10, and jointly host the summer ‘Park Avenue Open Day’ each year.

This new event in January will consist of UDC & Electrocoin in their respective, adjoining buildings, with all proceedings held in a Covid-19 safe manner, conforming to required regulations.

Jonathan Lauder, UDC Sales “People should feel safe coming to visit us and check out our new product. We’ll be taking all necessary precautions, just like we did when we opened up our showroom to visitors in 2021. We’ve a great selection of exciting brand new games as well as some proven performers from the last twelve months. Whether you’re looking for redemption, cranes, videos, rides or prizes games – we’ve got something for everyone.”

John A. Stergides of Electrocoin adds, “Electrocoin are excited to be a part of the Park Avenue 2022 EAG Preview and have visitors see our latest games in January rather than needing to wait until March.”

Both companies have their fingers crossed that the UK and London specifically will be free of new restrictions at the start of 2022 and will be able to proceed.

Mark Horwood of UDC,“As the song says ‘The Show Must Go On!’ and we’re determined to do so whilst we can. We look forward to welcoming everyone who comes along.”

For trade visitors only

To be held, subject to any restrictions, in a Covid-19 safe environment.

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Coinslot – December 31st 2021 – January 13th 2022 – Issue 2766 – Page 2-3