Electrocoin announce new Castle Attack basketball game

  • 17th December 2021
  • News

Electrocoin has announced a brand new addition to its portfolio of family entertainment products, unveiling a “unique” new title which provides an interactive twist on the classic basketball game.

Castle Attack encourages players to notch up baskets in order to defend a castle from monsters mounting the walls on ladders, all presented in an “eye-catching” cabinet boasting LEDs and colourful graphics.

“It’s an exciting new twist on a basketball game that’s very interactive and fun for all the family,” said Electrocoin’s John A Stergides. “There are six baskets, which means six ladders; so players in a two player game must work together to stop the monsters from climbing up the ladder.”

Players are able to defend the fortress across three different levels; Forest Castle, Ice Castle and Iron Castle, and when players successfully complete the level they can access a bonus game mode to win more points.

Castle Attack is targeted at younger audiences to play with their siblings, friends or parents, who are seeking something different from the conventional basketball game.

The title will be available in two cabinets; a larger unit with a 55” LCD monitor that uses medium size balls, and a Mini version, housed in a smaller cabinet with a 49” LCD Screen that uses mini sized basketballs for the younger audience.

Castle Attack will also have three operator selectable modes – video only, ticket redemption or prize vend to suit the needs of the venue.


Coinslot – December 17th – December 30th 2021 – Issue 2764/2765 – Page 7