EAG is always special for Electrocoin

  • 6th December 2022
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Electrocoin is back at the EAG for another round and co-founder John Stergides tells InterGame why the trade show is so special, and how Electrocoin is likely to be the oldest company with its original owners to exhibit.

The amusements and attractions industry is a ‘’big family’’ in the eyes of Electrocoin’s John Stergides and the EAG Expo affords an unmissable opportunity for members to regroup, share knowledge and experience each-other’s latest innovations.

It creates, he said, a veritable pool of resources toward a prosperous future.

The Expo’s placement, right at the start of the year, offers a chance for the industry to reflect on the year that’s been and, in these times, following the peak of the pandemic’s, the chance to achieve this is more crucial and valuable than ever.

Stergides is as much of an industry stalwart as InterGame’s own David Snook; he feels strongly about the relationships that have been forged during everyone’s time in the industry, having headed Electrocoin, and sustained many of those connections since 1976.

With all his experience, Stergides has some fascinating insights into the EAG and the trajectory the amusements industry has taken, having been participating in the trade show and wider industry for so long.

“Last year’s EAG was well-attended, but the opening of the Elizabeth Line will make a huge difference for the EAG 2023”, said Stergides. “People who are travelling internationally have said that the new tube line makes attendance much easier – visitors are able to travel to the venue much easier and stay at a more affordable hotel that is further away. It also means that buyers can spend more time at the show instead of travelling, and the list goes on”.

For Stergides, it is Bacta’s officiation and the international nature of the show that distinguishes the EAG from its peer trade shows, providing a huge opportunity for exhibition and connection.

Electrocoin has been adapting for ever-changing landscape of the amusements industry since it was founded over 40 years ago, and will be exhibiting a range of new games at the show that it has been developing since the pandemic began.

“We have the experience, flexibility and facilities to continue to thrive as a company, from a knowledge of the market to an understanding of the needs of the operators themselves. The market in the UK is very mature – suppliers, visitors and players know what kind of experience they want.”

Electrocoin EAG Artcile can be read in the below issue of Intergame

Intergame – December 2022 – Vol 28 Issue 12 – Page 45