A Real Winner

  • 28th June 2019
  • news

Electrocoin will be displaying a number of products including Category C, B3, Pinball, Video Games, Redemption and Prize payout machines at this year’s Park Avenue Open Day.

One of the major products to be on display at the Park Avenue Open Day will be Skill Cut:

“Skill Cut has been a big hit in 2019, with the eye-catching large prize, its simplicity is the major attraction as players just need to cut the thin string,” said Electrocoin’s John A Stergides.

“It has been performing very well and since it went into full production earlier this year with the attractive multicolour cabinet options, operators have been requesting additional machines for the same location, displaying different prizes in different coloured cabinets. With the big prize on offer, it really makes for an eye-catching display.”

Skill Cut has been so popular with operators and players alike, they have all been delivered from the initial shipments and Electrocoin are waiting for the June delivery which will offer an additional two new colour cabinet options on top of the current five available colours.

Another popular game released in 2019 and that will be on display at the Park Avenue Open Day is Electrocoin’s Drop a Winner.

“By pushing a button, players must correctly release the ball/capsule into one of the three winning rotating raised holes to win that prize ‘Some operators have been quite creative by filling their own capsules with prizes related to services offered in their venue including free bowling tickets, vouchers, ride ticket etc.

Its created an added incentive and excitement to win the capsule,” explained Stergides.

For FECs with redemption tickets, both the Skill Cut and Drop A Winner can reward players with tickets for unsuccessful attempts.

Make sure to see both machines and more by visiting the Park Avenue Open Day on Wednesday 5 June.

Coinslot – May 24th – May 30th – Issue 2630 – Page 24