“The Elizabeth Line will make a huge difference”

  • 12th January 2023
  • News

“The Elizabeth Line will make a huge difference”: John Stergides looks ahead to revolutionary EAG

John Stergides Sr is anticipating new transport options to make a “huge difference” to this year’s EAG, with the veteran exhibitor looking to 2023 as a further opportunity for Electrocoin to thrive.

John Stergides snr is looking ahead to a historic EAG this month, observing that the annual event gives the industry the opportunity to come together as a “big family,’ in order to reflect on 2022 and look toward what the coming year has in store.

With the new Elizabeth Line making a “huge difference” to who can attend the show and how, Stergides spoke to Coinslot about the potential of the service, and what Electrocoin will be showcasing to those arriving at the ExCeL.

“Last year’s EAG was well attended, but the opening of the Elizabeth Line will make a huge difference for the EAG 2023”, said Stergides. “People who are travelling internationally have said that the new tube line makes attendance much easier – visitors are able to travel to the venue much easier and stay at a more affordable hotel that is further away.”

“It also means that buyers can spend more time at the show instead of travelling… and the list goes on.”

Having been a regular attendee at EAG and its predecessor ATEI since 1969, Stergides is well placed to identify how revolutionary the updated travel options will impact visitation.

With 45 years spent as an exhibitor, he is also in a leading position to predict what will be the talking points for 2023 and beyond, as both the industry and Electrocoin itself continues to grow in the wake of the pandemic.

“We have the experience, flexibility and facilities to continue to thrive as a company, from a knowledge of the market to an understanding of the needs of the operators themselves.”

“The market in the UK is very mature – suppliers, visitors and players know what kind of experience they want.”

And this week, EAG is expected to deliver.

Coinslot – January 12th – January 20th 2023 – Issue 2819 – Page 64