Best Seller Feature: Skill Shooter

  • 12th January 2023
  • News

Electrocoin has picked out Skill Shooter as one that hits the spot, being its best seller of recent times.

The two-player video target shooting game has been a hit with operators who value the innovation it has brought to the market.

Located in an eye-catching cabinet that stands tall on the floor, it tests players’ skills as they advance through its stages, with realistic feeling recoil providing a challenge as the game progresses. The game is displayed on a 50ins monitor and the cabinet is illuminated using LED’s, creating an eye-catching design.

Featuring both single player and multiplayer modes, up to four units can be linked together for competitive play, while the game can also operate in skill challenge, ticket redemption and prize vend modes. While in ticket redemption mode, the quicker and more accurate the a player can shoot, the more tickets that are awarded.

The game is an update on the classic skill shooter game and brings the nostalgia of those games into the 21st century and is proving popular with operators across the land.

Sales and marketing manager at Electrocoin, John A. Stergides, sang the product’s praises. He said ‘Skill Shooter is an exciting, fun, skill shooting video game that is performing well and is popular with operators as it’s a classic shooting game that differs from the rest on the market.

‘It has been a very popular product as it grows in popularity and has been added to FEC’s, bowling alleys, bars and general leisure areas throughout the UK.

‘We are currently taking pre-orders for the upcoming year such is its popularity.’

Best Seller Feature: Skill Shooter as published in Intergame

Intergame – January 2023 – Vol 29 Issue 1 – Page 40