“We are always expanding the world of play”: John Stergides tells Coinslot

  • 12th January 2023
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Coinslot Interviews Electrocoin’s John Stergides

“We are always expanding the world of play”: Electrocoin to bring extensive selection to EAG on extended stand

To many, the idea of an EAG without Electrocoin would be unthinkable. With the firm poised to occupy a specially-extended stand this year, John Stergides snr gave Coinslot a preview of the new and upgraded machines taking position alongside its unimprovable bestsellers.

Coinslot: It has been an unusual year for the industry delivering both significant opportunities and challenges, all of which makes EAG 2023 even more important. What are you hoping to get from January’s show?

John Stergides: EAG Expo affords an unmissable opportunity for exhibitors and operators to regroup, share knowledge and experience each-other’s latest innovations. The EAG Expo’s placement, right at the start of the year, offers a chance for the industry to reflect on the year that’s been and really sets the tone for the year ahead.

In these times, following the peak of the pandemic, the industry had a full year of trading, so it’s a chance to reflect on 2022 but also look forward to 2023.

The opening of the Elizabeth Line will make a huge difference for the EAG 2023. People who are travelling internationally have said that the new tube line makes attendance much easier – visitors are able to travel to the venue much easier and stay at a more affordable hotel that is further away. It also means that buyers can spend more time at the show instead of travelling, and the list goes on.

Coinslot: Looking ahead to the three days, can you give us an idea of what visitors will be seeing on your stand this year?

John Stergides: There will be a wide range of products from gaming machines to Ticket Redemption, pinballs, photobooths, cashless system, prize machines, video. We’ve had to extend our stand to accommodate the extra products within our portfolio which are a mix of existing successful lines with improvements like Skill Shooter, Skill Cut Winner, Mr Do Space Rocks, Bar X Tablets, ACE Gaming new Cat C/B4, but also there will be new products like James Bond Pinball from Stern, the new Galileo Ticket Eater, a new Smile ‘n Stick Photobooth from DC and, of course, some new prize machines like the Rocket Launch. Visitors will hopefully be impressed with the line-up which are popping up throughout the country.

 Coinslot: Now the sales pitch – what are the ‘must-have’ reasons for customers looking to buy your products at EAG? Is it the commercial deal, their return on investment or the fact that they’re just good products people will engage with?

John Stergides: You always need to introduce new products to keep players coming back, but they have to engage the player, and more importantly for operators provide a good return on investment. If you look at some of our recent products – Skill Shooters, Skill Cut Winners, Mr Do Air Balls – they have been a great ROI for operators, and as it stands we are waiting for new shipments to arrive to meet demand, especially for the Skill Shooters.

Coinslot: Can you talk us through some of the new innovations and promotions that we should be looking out for at EAG?

John Stergides: We will be displaying our new Rocket Launch game which has been testing very well and is now going into full production.

Players have to press the button to launch the rocket and if it unclips the clip, the player will win the prize. It is presented in an attractive cabinet and with the opportunity to hold up to 56 different prizes, is sure to be well received by operators.

There will also be the new James Bond pinball from Stern which will cause a stir as it’s a very exciting pinball. Gaming wise, we will show the new All in Bar X Tablet system alongside ACE gaming new Cat C/B4 gaming compendium which has been testing well.

There will also be a few other new products also on the stand like the Drop a Winner 2, so there will be something for everyone depending on the operator’s requirements.

Coinslot: Hopefully we’ve got a good run at trading this year, in terms of product and development, what’s your focus in the coming months?

John Stergides: We are constantly looking at developing new products as we expand our product offering. We are always Expanding the World of Play, and this requires good top games currently available to the market but also being produced for the future.

In the first few months we have a number of exhibitions coming up in the UK and also abroad like in Madrid (21 to 23 February) and Ireland (7 to 8 March) and also the Open day on Wednesday 7th June. Combined with what will hopefully be a productive trading year, we are hopeful for a positive year ahead.

Coinslot’s interview with Electrocoin’s John Stergides was published in the below issue.

Coinslot – January 12th – January 20th 2023 – Issue 2819 – Page 32