The Carnival of fun

  • 24th May 2019
  • news

Hit and Smash from Electrocoin is set to bring a real taste of the carnival to venues this summer with a mix of classic appeal and progressive gameplay.

Electrocoin’s latest summer smash hit is its carnival-style offering Hit and Smash. In the game players are tasked with throwing balls at mechanical bottles as to ‘Hit and Smash’ them. Every time a bottle is knocked down, points are earned and accumulated in turn.

If players generate enough points and clear two rounds, then they progress to the third and final stage where they will have the opportunity to win the big Bonus prize – which can be tickets or a large capsule (90mm).

Additional points are also awarded for smashing over smaller bottles – the more points earned, the more tickets (or bigger prize) that can be won. Point value for bottles are adjustable.

“In total there are three stages players must clear to win the big prize. It’s quite a unique carnival style game as it also offers the option of tickets or a large prize capsule as reward for clearing the three stages so it also attractive for FEC and single sites that do not offer ticket redemption,” said Electrocoin’s John Stergides.

“It’s fun for all the family and players can hear the bottles smashing once they are ‘knocked down. Operators can also link two machines together so players can compete against each other with the victor taking the spoils creating that extra competitive excitement,” he added.

Presented with stand-out LEDS and bright colours all contained in a durable metal cabinet with storage capacity, this is certainly a game to light up your family entertainment centre.

Hit and Smash is now in Full production and will be on display at the Crown Northern Showcase alongside Electrocoin’s popular Skill Cut, Drop A Winner, Casino Hi Roller and Beatles Gold Pinball.


Coinslot Issue May 3 – May 9th 2019 – Issue 2627 – Page 20