Redemption leads the way for Electrocoin

  • 5th February 2019
  • news

With a keen eye for what will appeal to both customers and players, Electrocoin brought a huge selection of top-testing redemption pieces to EAG this year, perfectly timed to serve the growing market.

Redemption looks set to break new ground in the world of amusements was an opinion shared by many representatives at EAG this year.

Manufacturer and distributor Electrocoin was first among them, and certainly not resting on its laurels when it comes to 2019, with a raft of new redemption titles

“We’re showing the brand new Skill Cut,” said business development director Kevin Weir. “You can win a huge cuddly toy, and that’s attracting a lot of attention. It’s priced right for the market and people are coming up and saying they love it.”

“Alongside, we’re showing Stern’s brand new Beatles pinball tables, in Gold and Limited Edition, as well as the brand new Munsters pinballs, both for the home market, arcade sector, and pub sector. They are attracting a huge amount of attention.”

“We’re also showcasing Drop a Winner, our new capsule game. It’s the first time we’ve shown
it, and it’s going down very well.”

As well as brand new machines, Electrocoin was also sure to exhibit the latest updates to its standout products.

“With the new software on our Cat C AWP Casino Hi Roller, it’s the first time we’ve shown that anywhere. We’re getting a really good response following the testing we’ve been doing in the arcade sector – there’s a lot of appeal from that.”

The firm also set aside a special place on the stand for its Galileo redemption system, the merchandise and stock control management product, available as a standalone unit or full management solution package, described by Weir as “the market leader.”

“We’re seeing customers who have got a number of venues try it in one and then they come back and expand into the others, once they’ve had a taste of it.”

Despite Cat C and digital clearly gaining traction, with Weir noting “our Cat C side continues to grow – we certainly fulfil that need,” it really was redemption’s show at EAG this year, something
which Electrocoin could attest to.

“People are gearing up for the spring now, so it’s the redemption pieces, the Drop a Winner and the Skill Cut, those are the two we’ve seen going out in good volumes for the new season.”

“Redemption’s getting bigger and bigger, from our point of view we’re seeing demand for that product growing every year. It’s seen as value-for-money, the product is reasonably priced and has impact on site.”

“We’re working very closely with a lot of customers that we have forged a relationship with over the years, and continue to work well with them.”


Coinslot January 25th – January 31th 2019, 2613 Page 29