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Win Spin by Electrocoin – Skill & Ticket Redemption

Win Spin is a thrilling skill and ticket redemption game with an innovative tumbler concept to excite all players.

With a unique and brightly coloured cabinet housing a large spinning tumbler, Win Spin is built to stand out from the crowd.

Once players press Win Spin’s start button, they must twist the handle left or right to spin the tumbler and guide the balls inside into the target pocket holes.

There are smaller, plentiful balls and larger, rarer balls, with the latter awarding players with more points as they attempt to fill as many holes as possible.

The more balls inside the holes, the more points that can be won.

Win Spin has all the sounds, colours, unique gameplay and eye-catching cabinet that will appeal to players in ticket redemption family entertainment centres.

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Win Spin by Electrocoin

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Information Sheet

Win Spin Win Spin

Players can also aim for in game bonuses for extra points.

They can fill the three lower pocket holes of the tumbler with the smaller balls for a higher score combination, and must score three large balls inside the top larger pocket hole to achieve the Super Bonus.

Each event during the game has a corresponding sound, from spinning the wheel to landing the bonuses, which further adds to the game’s theatre.

The more balls and more points the player earns, the more tickets they can win

It is a Skill based Ticket Redemption game.

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Additional information

Weight 200 kg

Height: 275cm (247cm w/out headpiece)
Width: 123cm
Depth: 82cm