Eye-catching redemption additions

  • 17th March 2020
  • News

As the redemption sector continues to grow so does the Electrocoin eye-catching redemption machine estate, with a number of the company’s ticket-payout products already making waves this year.

Electrocoin’s portfolio of redemption games is continuously expanding and this was more than evident at the EAG 2020 show.

Redemption and prize vend games are becoming increasingly important for FECs and single sites which is why we are increasing our range of products,” said John A Stergides.

The Electrocoin product line up at EAG included the eye-catching Four Player Ball Paradise, which is now in full production and is also a combination of redemption tickets and prize games.

“It is very exciting for players as it’s a fast-paced game. There are capsules on a carousel which is moving around and players can choose which prize to try and win.

By pushing a button, players must correctly shoot the ball/capsule into the hole to win that prize.

It is fun for all the family as they can play together at the same and it’s in an eye catching cabinet which can hold between 450-500 large capsules,” Stergides explained.

“It is also available as a single player in the form of Space Shooter.”

Another eye-catching redemption product at EAG was TIKI TUMBLE, which sees players spin a central tumble using a Tshaped controller, with the drum rotating various coloured balls around central tiki cups.

The points awarded then depend on which colour balls fall into the cups when the rotation stops.

“If they get five yellows they get 300 tickets, if they get four purples and a pink they win the super bonus, it plays like a bingo except the player has the option to stick or twist and can keep rotating the balls to get a better combination of matching coloured balls before the time runs out.”

Also within Electrocoin’s portfolio are the hugely successful Skill Cut Winner and the popular Drop A Winner and its Deluxe version.

“These machines have been top earners and to offer more choice for operators who want two to-four Skill Cut Winners per location, this is now available in eight colours.”

Complementing the Electrocoin portfolio is the proven GoGo Chicken along with Hit & Smash.

“A classic carnival game whereby players must throw the balls and ‘Hit & Smash’ bottles knocking them down, to earn and accumulate points to win bigger prizes which can be tickets or a capsule.”

Electrocoin has also established itself as the ‘one stop shop’ for ticket redemption management, Galileo Tickets Eaters and Intercard Cashless system and are well placed as the market for redemption games and prize vending machines continues to grow.

Coinslot –  March 6th – March 12th 2020 – Issue 2671 – Page 37