Electrocoin Aftersales: More than a spares supplier

  • 31st March 2020
  • News

With the continued success of its legacy machines, Electrocoin Aftersales support has been developed to offer much more than the supply of spares.

Whilst a major function of any after sales operation is to support products with spares and advice, Electrocoin Aftersales has expanded its after sales support network designed to ensure the longevity of its various legacy units.

The success of the Bar X brand over the years has resulted in loyal customers demanding that the life of legacy machines is extended beyond original expectations.

“There is no doubt that the ‘magic formula’ developed by Electrocoin in these £25/30p games, still has a huge following,” said Electrocoin business development director, Kevin Weir.

“As a result of customer demand, we have put together a full refurbishment programme using only genuine parts.

“Customers send machines into us for assessment and we will quote for various levels of refurbishment.

These include removing surplus mains lighting and replacing with LED’s, this reduces consumption cost in standby mode by 65 percent.

“We will re-pin and plug power supply and coin mech connectors, refurbish coin mechs and reels as well as providing new reel bands, buttons, legends and even glass if required.

The refurbishment of the power supply and MPU board are also included. If the customer requires, we can also fit a new plinth.”

Electrocoin recently showed a refurbished machine at EAG with the company reporting that many customers believed it to be a new unit.

In addition to refurbishing the Bar X 7even, Electrocoin’s after-sales support team has the facilities to deal with other casino cabinet models including Magic 10 and Magic 7.

The number of Electrocoin legacy machines that are currently on site after more than 15 years of operation has exceeded the company’s expectations and is a tribute to both their build quality and game formula, Weir added.

This success that we are witnessing is ensuring that there is a steady flow of machines arriving in Electrocoin Aftersales Cardiff workshops ready to be given a new lease of life.

“We have a very experienced team in place in Cardiff who are always willing to give advice on current and older products,” concluded Weir.

“Whilst a great deal of enquiries are Cat C related, we get demand for parts for a wide range of products including the new Skill Cut Winner and Drop a Winner games that are proving to be so successful.”


Coinslot – March 27th – April 2nd 2020 – Issue 2674 – Page 9