Skill Shooter by Electrocoin – Video Games, Skill, Prize Vending & Ticket Redemption

Skill Shooter is an action-packed video target shooting game whereby players will test their reflexes across numerous different exciting game modes as their speed and accuracy are put the test in their quest to be the Skilled Shooter.

Skill Shooter will be switchable between Skill Challenge, Ticket Redemption and Prize Vend.

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Skill Shooter by Electrocoin

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Information Sheet

Skill Shooter Skill Shooter

Do you have what it takes to be the best? Test your Skills!

Players will advance through the different stages and galleries are they shoot bottles, cans, targeting boards, moving targets, and more. They will be able to exercise their proficiency in different environments as they shoot their way to the top.

The faster and more accurate aim a player has, the more points and tickets that are rewarded.

Skill Shooter provides a realistic shooting experience with a recoil feature.

It is complemented with exciting sounds and adrenaline filled stages capturing the players total attention in this interactive video shooting game.

The game features both single player and multiplayer modes, with up to four units that can be linked together for competitive play.

It is presented with an attractive cabinet housing a 50” screen with LEDS and bright colours on the outside.

The game will be switchable between Skill Challenge, Ticket Redemption and Prize Vend.

Enjoyable for all players as they test their skills across multiple levels.

Skill Shooter is fun for all the family and is ideal for any Family Entertainment Centres, Bowling Centres, Video Amusement Centres and Single Sites.

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Additional information

Weight 240 kg

H: 238cm (W/Top Marquee)
W: 85cm
D: 220cm

Per Unit