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Mr Do Space Rocks by Electrocoin – Skill & Ticket Redemption

Mr Do Space Rocks provides players with an innovative spin on the classic coin pusher, replacing coins with a number of kinetic balls, in a closed loop environment, as they zoom around the game.

The two player Mr Do Space Rocks is a funky and vibrant experience to brighten up any entertainment centre.

The two-player game is presented with bright colours, eye catching, attractive cabinet with a commanding floor presence.

With thrilling ticket redemption functionality, the game sees players send a number of balls around the sci-fi themed cabinet as they aim for bridges, a moving platform, and targets such as the prize wheel, fighting to win high scores and tickets.

Accompanying the high-action gameplay is a barrage of visual and sound effect, immersing players in the action-packed outer space world of Mr Do Space Rocks.

Players and operators alike have ample opportunity to get the most out of their experience with the machine, affording players multiple opportunities to win big, for example through mega bonus scores while operators have the flexibility to increase ticket and ball pay outs.

Different height sections available:

Lower top box: 232cm / Standard mid range: 254cm


Mr Do Space Rocks by Electrocoin

Mr Do Space Rocks information sheet is available for downloading/printing by clicking on one of the below

Information Sheet

Drop a Winner Drop a Winner

The game is fun for all the families as they seek to get as many balls in the holes to win more point. Bonus points available if they activate the bonus wheel by dropping a ball into the middle hole of the moving target.

Available with Mega Bonus

It appeals to players of all ages, with attractive sounds to keep players entertained and an eye-catching cabinet to wow the room.

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H: 295cm (Max) / 254cm / 232cm
W: 110cm
D: 134cm

Weight: 340 Kgs