Galileo Plus Ticket Eater – Redemption

Simply the best Ticket Eater available for any Redemption FEC, is now available with a twist.

The Galileo Plus Ticket Eater, like the Pro edition has a single entry but its presented in an eye catching design with LED “multi-colour” lights, walls that are transparent, plexi-glass and specially designed frame made of aluminium. It also comes with an LCD screen and extra new sounds to entertain players as they feed their tickets.

Players feed their redemption tickets into the machine whilst the machine plays counting and attract mode eating noises/sounds, burps and speaks to entertain players encouraging them to insert more.

The Galileo Plus Ticket Eater is designed to be used either as a standalone machine or in conjunction with the Galileo Redemption POS terminal so players can save their points directly onto VIP cards.




Galileo Plus Information Sheet

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The Galileo Plus is perfect for any FEC around the world offering Ticket Redemption games.

When players feed the tickets into the Galileo Plus, the machine counts the points up on a large easy to read DOT MATRIX display from the ticket data and issues the player with a ticket receipt with the total of the points, which can then either be redeemed for prizes at the kiosk.

Each ticket reciept issued, includes the total number of tickets, optional name of the venue, and a 16 digital passcode. The date, time serial number are also displayed along with a customisable logo.

Galileo Plus Ticket Eater can be programmed to work with 3 types of tickets: Standard 2-inches, 1.25 inches and 1 inch.

There is the greater choice for customization for example:-
External logos, instructions, etc.

Also available in  different languages; including the writing on the display, sounds and voice information can be programmed in languages for example in Spanish, Turkish, Arabic or Russian, etc.

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H: 177cm
W: 46cm
D: 57cm

Weight: 75kg