Monte Carlo – a proven winner

  • 7th March 2019
  • news

Electrocoin’s Monte Carlo has proved itself to be a major player in the Cat C market since making its debut two years ago with its strong title mix and casino-esque experience.

If operators and Pubco’s alike are looking for a proven performer that offers reliability, longevity and affordability, then they should look no further than Monte Carlo,” said Electrocoin’s Kevin Weir.

Such would appear a bold statement, but the fact of the matter is that Electrocoin has been producing Cat C digital products for 15years. The company’s breakthrough into the pub sector came with Vegas Strip and has been succeeded by Monte Carlo, which has proven itself in the market place over the past 24 months. As such it becomes apparent that this success is no ‘flash in the pan’ but the result of long-term commitment to providing aquality proven product.

“We have original games that are not dressed up copies of others, but more importantly, the games have player appeal that lasts,”added Weir. “We do not rely on licences to attract players but believe in giving the player a quality game that will hold their attention and deliver. We have many sites where the original game package has been on site for over two years and is still the top machine on site.”

Electrocoin launched the Elektra cabinet at last year’s EAG and this has certainly raised the profile of Monte Carlo which offers a casino presentation for the pub sector. The 23-inchscreen allows for an expanded menu, whereby the operator can offer up to 18games at any time. This combined with the luxury feel of the play panel has resulted in the thumbs up from players and operators alike.

Monte Carlo is also available as a re-factored version in the Eclipse cabinet. Weir explained the thinking behind this move: “We are aware that there are a great number of redundant analogue machines in the market place and decided to give operators the opportunity to reuse the cabinet with digital content installed. Operators send us their old Eclipse cabinet and we return it to them completely rebranded as Monte Carlo. This provides the operator with the latest digital content, at an affordable price for more marginal sites.”

Electrocoin also showed a variant to Monte Carlo at the EAG and ICE shows this year. Casino Hi Roller is being tested in a range of sites but its profile is aimed more at the arcade and bingo sectors and initial results are extremely promising. In addition, the company showed a Cat B4 for the first time, also underlining its long term commitment and investment in digital products.


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