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  • 7th March 2019
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Players are demanding more choices than ever when it comes to CatC and this has offered manufacturers the perfect chance to develop broad, innovative games content, comments Electrocoin’s Kevin Weir.

Coinslot: What is it about Cat C units that makes them so popular for both consumers and operators?

Kevin Weir: “With Cat C being the most popular gaming product in the UK in terms of numbers produced, the choice for operators and consumers alike is quite extensive. Both operators and consumers will look at the product from different viewpoints, but the variety on offer gives benefits to both.”

CS: Cat C units are a staple of the UK gaming market, what trends are you seeing in the sector at present?

KW: “The expansion of Cat C Digital product into the UK market continues. We took the decision to step away from the analogue sector for pubs a few years ago as the numbers were diminishing rapidly. The digital growth in pubs is sporadic but definitely growing. What is becoming clear is that players are demanding choice, as the number of machines in pubs grows. It is clear that a single brand of machine in a four machine location is not the answer. We offer a reliable proven product that has years of pedigree and is going to last. As a result, we are seeing more demand from retailers and operators alike for Monte Carlo in order to offer customers greater choice.”

CS: How do you feel changes in consumer trends regarding payment options has, or will impact the Cat C market?

KW: “There is clear evidence that people are carrying less cash than at any time before. Therefore a we must address the problem. A common industry approach to a cashless solution is still the best option going forward.”

CS: How important can are cognisable brand or theme be for a machine’s performance?

KW: “This is a question that has arisen many times and often discussed internally when designing new games. There is little doubt that initially, a game can receive a boost from a branded/licensed approach. However, the quality and depth of game still has to hold the players attention. Cat C players, are very quick to understand whether a game has the ability to entertain and deliver. We have witnessed many licenced games come and go without success whereas a number of non licensed games have been superbly successful for many years. Ultimately, it all comes down to game design and not window dressing.”

CS: Are there any launches or plans coming up in your portfolio you would like to highlight?

KW: “Whilst Monte Carlo continues to be successful, particularly in the Pub sector, we have introduced a variant called Casino Hi Roller, which offers the players an additional gamble option. We are seeing excellent results from this in both Arcade and Bingo sectors. In addition, we showed a digital B4 at ICE2019 and this will be available for testing shortly. This is a new development for Electrocoin and this expansion indicates our commitment to growing our digital product portfolio.”


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