Electrocoin takes ordes for Skill Cut and Monte Carlo at Olympia

  • 15th October 2018
  • news

Introduced at ICE last year, Electrocoin’s Monte Carlo received repeat orders from satisfied customers at last week’s ACOS, where it was showcased alongside new launches Skill Cut and capsule vending game Drop A Winner.

Taking orders on both fresh ideas and firm favourites at this year’s ACOS, Electrocoin launched Skill Cut and Drop A Winner for the FEC sector, while Monte Carlo made a reappearance for the pub, AGC and bingo markets.

The company’s latest FEC launches have been performing well on test sites across the UK, with Skill Cut offering one big prize to players who can carefully
cut the thin string that holds it, while vending game Drop A Winner invites players to aim a spherical capsule into three rotating holes, rewarding good accuracy with an exciting prize.

“Skill Cut has been getting a lot of attention especially from the FEC and even some single site operators. It’s something different, with one big prize which grabs the attention of the player. It’s tested very well on location, the words getting round, and we’ve took a few orders at the show,” explained Electocoin’s John Stergides. “Our other debut, Drop A Winner, has also tested really well. It’s a fun and fairly simple game in which players try to beat the machine to win a prize, and it also comes available with redemption as well.”

Also on Electrocoin’s stand was manufacturer’s dual-screen digital Cat C Monte Carlo, which has received many positive reports since its launch at last year – so much so in fact, that customers have come back for more.

“It’s been doing very well, we’ve made minor updates and changes throughout the year for customers, and what’s pleasing is, those same customers have come back at this show and placed repeat orders,” detailed business development director Kevin Weir. “It validates everything that we’ve been working towards, they’ve had the product since launch, and they’ve now come back for more.”

Available at two different price points on the Eclipse cabinet and the Elektra cabinet, Monte Carlo hosts Electrocoin games that players “won’t see anywhere else”, with Weir emphasising the fact that the company “deliberately went down a road without influence from other content on the market”. This started as a 9 game menu, but how now moved to an 18 game menu, boosting income for operators.

As well as taking orders on games, Electrocoin also drew in business for its Galileo range, including Galileo ticket eaters and the POS redemption system, which now offers a split screen option to serve two customers simultaneously.

Further interest came for Deadpool Pinball; a timely launch that benefits from the rising popularity of pinball, and the recent release of Deadpool 2. With funny quotes and a wide appeal, it provides operators the chance to offer something different to players, while also providing a welcome additional income.

In a similar vein, Dance Dance Revolution – the industry’s latest dance machine, which Electrocoin are now taking orders on for next year – went down well at ACOS, where attendees demonstrated the games large array of new songs. Also on the company’s stand was GoGo Chicken, PhotoBooth, and Intercard, which Stergides
explained was ideal for FEC operators in the UK market – providing both card and cash solutions at a time when both payment systems are equally important in driving revenue.


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