EAG Online 2021 Virtual Event

  • 30th April 2021
  • News

EAG Online 2021

‘…there was an excitement for an event that was bringing the industry together ‘in one room’

Coinslot: How did EAG Online 2021 go for you?

John A Stergides: We wanted to keep supporting the EAG as we have done so for many years and the EAG online was no exception.

It was certainly an interesting way to host an exhibition and it was fantastic to be able to communicate with other suppliers and operators with this new format, as it has been a while since most of us have been in the same ‘room’.

We were able to display our products across three ‘stands’ splitting them off into a ‘Gaming Stand’, a ‘Pinball Stand’ and a’ Cashless System, Prize Vend, Ticket Redemption and Video Stand’. This was beneficial as it allowed operators to view the products that were relevant for them.

Overall it doesn’t compete with a face to face show but considering the current circumstances it was better to be a part of it and was probably one of the better virtual shows that we have experienced.

Coinslot: What were the highlights over the two days?

John A Stergides: It was great catching up with people within the industry but one of the main highlights and attractions were the seminars.

Usually it can be very difficult during a normal show to leave the stand, however, in a virtual world, it made it possible to pop in and out and there were certainly some interesting seminars related to cashless and reopening.

Coinslot: Key initiatives that caught the eye?

John A Stergides: The Ball Paradise was certainly catching the eye as it’s ‘new’ product and it’s fun for all the family. Along with our Skill Cut Winners which are now back in stock and available in eight colours.

They are becoming a mainstay for any current or new FEC, bowling centre, single site, holiday park and even fun fairs.

The Pinballs also caught the eye as there were so many different titles to choose from and they are becoming popular again as we are starting to see an increase in demand when they launch key models like Led Zeppelin and Marvels’ Avengers Infinity Quest

Coinslot: What were the main talking points?

John A Stergides: There was an excitement for an event that was bringing the industry together in ‘one room’ again, but it was more the positive outlook with the reopening happening next month.

It was a change from the conversation earlier in the year of the unknown, but it seems most operators have a very positive outlook on the upcoming season.

Coinslot: Your ideas to develop the online expo concept?

John A Stergides: To be able to split the exhibitors and visitors when seeing who is online

Coinslot – April 30th – May 6th 2021 – Issue 2731 – Page 10-11