The way forward

  • 4th December 2019
  • News

The Intercard Cashless System, officially distributed in the UK by Electrocoin, offers operators the way forward when it comes to cashless payments

With contactless payment transactions now exceeding those made with cash in society, it is unsurprising, FEC’s in the UK are increasingly looking for solutions like Intercard’s cashless system that will enable them to keep up with the ever-changing demands.

Electrocoin, already established as a ‘one stop shop’ for ticket management, has partnered with Intercard, a leader in cashless payment systems, to be their official distributor for the UK. Together the companies have already completed seven full installations across the region.

Intercard pioneered the use of cashless card system in the amusement industry and has introduced many of the standard industry features.

“From its software to its hardware, cashless card specialist Intercard likes to keep a close eye on what it offers to FEC’s and likes to make sure it’s there for the long haul,” said Electrocoin’s Gabi Stergides. “It is the only company in this sector that makes its own hardware and integrates it with software developed in house which means they make the entire solution making it more robust and offering a better user experience.’

With contactless payments increasing day to day, Intercard’s iWave Reader incorporates a payment method of ‘wave and play’ something that players are already used to and comfortable with in their everyday lives.

Customers can purchase and top up cards with cash or credit card from an over the top counter POS or from Intercards simple to use all-in-one iTeller Kiosk.

“From an operational point of view the cashless system can save time and money. If an operator chooses to go 100 percent cashless, staff won’t have to spend time servicing coin mechs, taking collections, can raise additional income with debit and credit card payments but in turn will be able to make sure machines are in top condition whilst enhancing the player experience,” Gabi Stergides added.

“Also if there is no cash in the cashbox, extra security measures are no longer required. They can even make food and beverage sales with the cards and arrange party bookings via the app so the potential is huge.’

“Cash still plays a big part in our sector – just look at pusher machines. Intercards system allows you to offer players card and/or cash play with the option of paper ticket redemption and/or e ticket.”

“Intercard’s system is the way forward and operators who move onto it now rather than the inevitable later, will reap the benefits sooner with the new technology obsessed audience.”


Coinslot – November 22nd – November 28th 2019 – Issue 2656 – Page 30