Stergides warns that “player tracking would kill our industry”

  • 4th December 2018
  • news

Outgoing Bacta president Gabi Stergides thanked members for their efforts during the FOBT stake reduction campaign, but reminded the industry to stay on-guard as a new threat to the industry emerges – and it’s one that could be fatal.


“We cannot allow ourselves to be caught on the back foot, or for our sector painted as something it isn’t,” Stergides asserted. “We know from our extensive consumer research that people associate our sector and our machines as fun before anything else.”

And this is where player tracking in itself becomes a contradiction; almost half of players agree it will ruin their gaming experience enough to stop playing, and it is likely that a great number more would have their future experiences negatively affected. Indeed, rather than player tracking helping consumers, it effectively bans them from playing unless they surrender their privacy. With such an influential prospect currently in the balance, Stergides left the Bacta AGM with a message of positivity and persistence.

“Make no mistake, we have won battles this year, but it is as important as ever that we continue fighting for our industry and its future,” he concluded.


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