Skill Cut Winner proliferating on piers as Electrocoin prepare to offer new models

  • 14th July 2021
  • News

Electrocoin’s most recent Skill Cut Winner Pier installations have certainly made an impact.

Brighton Pier doubled the number of Skill Cut Winners in its arcade due to the game’s success. Aberystwyth Pier did the same.

In Weston-super-Mare, The Grand Pier tried one, and then increased their number to three this year.

Needless to say, Skill Cut Winner has impressed operators over the last couple of years, and now Electrocoin are looking to provide the market with new options for fresh colours and features, with sales and marketing manager John A. Stergides speaking to Coinslot about the new developments.

Coinslot: It has been building its success over the past two years. What’s the secret?

John A. Stergides, sales & marketing manager: The secrets for a good dish are the ingredients and the chef.

We managed to create a game that attracts the players, has exciting sounds, can reward them even with losing games, but most importantly it involves skill so it challenges the players.

And for those that are successful they usually win a large plush for their efforts.

We worked on the program for over 18 months before officially releasing it, the same way as we did with the Bar-X until it was perfect.

It’s built to a high standard to last for years. It also has the benefit of being available in an assortment of colours, so operators can choose one that fits with their brand or have multiple to appeal to all players.

 CS: What operator figures can you share about the machine?

JAS: It has been a very positive and popular machine with operators. With some operators, we heard that the Skill Cut Winner paid for itself within 4 weeks, it was that popular with players.

When a machine can take that sort of income, it’s going to be very successful and this has led to operators adding additional Skill Cut Winners to their location to maximise their potential.

CS: What innovations and developments are on the horizon?

JAS: It’s currently available in eight colours but due to operator demand, we will be adding a few more colours to the collection – Black, White and Violet.

Another feature that will be available on the new arrivals, will be the community feature to link the Skill Cut Winners. They will also have the facility to fit a note acceptor.


Coinslot – June 25th – July 1st  2021 – Issue 2739 – Page 7