Record-breakers: Derek Horwood and John Stergides to be recognised at ExCeL

  • 6th January 2023
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Record Breakers

The amusements industry is unique in many different ways and the first EAG Chairman’s Awards will recognise the intergenerational nature of the sector

Next week’s edition of EAG will honour two of the show’s record breaking stakeholders. The first EAG Chairman’s Awards will see Electrocoin recognised for being the Longest Continuous Exhibiting Company at ATEI/EAG with the Horwood family represented by Derek Horwood celebrated for its long-time association with the show dating back to its time at the Royal Horticultural Halls.

Both awards will be presented by EAG Chairman Martin Burlin as part of the show opening ceremony which starts at 10am on Tuesday 10th January at ExCeL London.

Explaining the background to the Chairman’s Awards, Martin Burlin said: “Our industry is unique in many different ways, not least the fact that we are blessed with a large number of family-owned intergenerational businesses. We felt that this feature of the industry and feature of the show deserved to be recognised.”

“Both John Stergides and Derek Horwood have contributed so much to the development of ATEI and the subsequent launch of EAG. Their knowledge of and dedication to the show over the decades is unparalleled and speaks volumes for the relationship that ATEI had and EAG continues to have with the industry that it serves.”

He added: “As operators prepare for the trip to ExCeL London, I’m delighted to confirm that all of the metrics for EAG are positive with more exhibitors, more stands and more net floor space than the 2022 edition of the show.”

Record Breakers: Derek Horwood & John Stergides article was published in Coinslot:

Coinslot – January 6th – January 12th 2023 – Issue 2818 – Page 11