iTeller ATM Self Service Kiosk by Intercard

The Intercard Teller serves four main self service functions:

1) Purchase cards
2) Recharge cards
3) Check Account History
4) Customer registration

ITeller software includes features to encourage higher spending by the customer via “bonus” when larger note denominations are inserted

Accepts Cash and Credit Cards*

Each Teller stores the accounting information as purchases are made.

Information Sheet

self service kiosk Self service kiosk

The Teller is a programmable unit and can display special promotions, bonus, awards, and VIP Membership notices

Purchase multiple cards with one transaction

Durable 16 –gauge steel with separate secured steel compartment for cash box

Advertising space on the top screen for in house promotions or external clients e.g. local McDonalds or business, food or beverage brand etc

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Additional information

Weight 103 kg
Dimensions 36 x 64 x 181 cm
Manufactured by: