Eclipse Photo Booth

Eclipse Photobooth – Photobooth & Vending

The Eclipse Photo Booth is the first of its kind, to have a huge 12ft curved LED Video Wall visible from hundreds of feet away. The eye-catching cabinet, will grab the attention of passer-by’s from any direction, even from above! It’s a highly attractive piece in any location, whether its in an FEC, Shopping Centre, Theme Park and more.

The Eclipse Photo Booth has achieved an unprecedented occurrence never seen before. Watch as users find it beyond belief that the photos taken inside the photo booth are displayed on the huge exterior LED screen outside – They will take pictures of their own photos being displayed on the big screen.

The Gigantic LED screen wraps around the outside of the Photo Booth to provide maximising exposure. The interactive LED screen is capable of showing videos, photos, adverts and much more. The screens are totally customisable so they can be adapted to any event or show marketing material in any location.


Eclipse Photo Booth

Information Sheet

panther eclipse booth

Step into the future with the Eclipse Photo Booth with its striking design, unique curved LED Screen and more to wow your audience.

Available with the exclusive and unique QR-PHOTO Technology. A QR code prints to each strip to enable the users to retrieve their photos anytime, anywhere from any Smartphone. Or they can simply print them again anytime, anywhere from any DC Photo Booth.

Remote Support is available for machines connected online

Capture User Email Addresses

Share Photos and videos via social media

Smart Phone Printing

Users can record a video and share on social networks

Varied payment methods available

Full Audit reports deliverable an assigned email address

Touch Screen

Free automatic software updates

Plug and Play

Customisable frames

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Manufactured by:

Digital Centre


H: 195cm
W: 84cm
D: 130cm

Weight: 270Kgs