BAR-X 7EVEN EXTRA (Eclipse) AWP Slots CAT C/C Lite/D £5 – £100 Jackpot

Available as Category C, Category C ‘Lite’, and Category D, in a range of single and multistake options.

Choose between £5, £10, £25,
£50 and £100 Jackpots

Switchable prize settings to provide different game profiles

Can be operated as a standalone unit, or linked with others as a community


BAR-X 7EVEN EXTRA (Eclipse) AWP Slots CAT C/C Lite/D £5 – £100 Jackpot

Information Sheet

bar x 7 xtra bar x 7 xtra

Bar-X 7 Extra contains all the exciting classic Bar-X 7 gameplay features you’d expect, with some EXTRA ones!

Watch out for Red reels. Guarantees you’ll get a win within anumber of games –you’ll always endina profit.

Streaks of Hold-on-win, and winningspins – how many will you get?

Holding a pair of symbols guarantees you the win.

A win is always available from nudges


Community Bonus Win

Bonus win is triggered at random and all active players are awarded it.

Reel sspin simultaneously on every participating machine. Each player is awarded either an X, BAR or 7 win.

Holds may be offered afterwards to make the win even BIGGER!

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H: 213cm
W: 60cm
D: 67cm

Wgt: 120kg